Anton Antonov

Being backend developer in a frontend world!

My two cents

Projects currently working on:

The application which serves the needs of the Bulgarian administrative centers. Build using JavaEE Servlets & JSP technology. Dealing with legacy code and "relational" database without primary and foreign keys(The National Database of Bulgaria, created more than twenty years ago). The application works with restricted access using X.509 certificates. It offers the employees of the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public works an access to the personal information of all Bulgarian citizens. The most used features include generation(as .pdf files suitable for printing) of various legal papers, generation of heritage trees, generation of election lists, a way to store legal documents in a database and many more...

A smaller version of graoapp used by private bailiffs, bank representatives, other Bulgarian Authorities, etc. It has limited access to the personal data of the Bulgarian citizens. Again it uses X.509 certificates to grant access. For security reasons it uses different connection pool and keeps a detailed log of what data has been accessed by the users. It implements a subscription and "per record accessed" based payment methods.

A brand new application written in Java, using the HTML 5 standards, for administrating the use of graoapp. The most used features include adding/removing users and user's rights, displaying the usage logs, sending mass e-mails to the users and more...

A public web page available to all Bulgarian citizens used to verify the authenticity of the documents issued by the Bulgarian Administration. It can be used to print the paper equivalent of the issued document. For security reasons using different server and different database with stored procedures.

Administration of the GlassFish™ and Apache™ servers hosting those apps.

It is a challenge and a pleasure to be able to administrate the servers on which all those apps run. Most "big" developer companies have a whole different team of administrators which only job is to look after the configuration and performance of their servers. My job has given me the chance to be able to fine tune the JVM™, server's properties, the connection pool parameters and even more.